[Seaside] [CONFUSED]: WAKom, WAKomEncoded or WAKomEncoded 3.9

Udo Schneider Udo.Schneider at homeaddress.de
Wed Feb 11 09:24:37 UTC 2009


I'm currently working on a Seaside App which will go "live" next monday.
Currently I'm using Damiens 3.10 based sq3.10.2-7179web09.02.1 image.

Yesterday I had an horror experience when a Mac Betatester told me that 
the whole app got screwed up when he entered a euro sign (€) in the app.
All following responses are totally garbage. Other characters like 
german umlauts (or even the euro sign from a windows client!) where fine 
and I tested them before - although they appear as (UTF8?) giberisch in 
the image.

This triggered some memory and I changed from WAKom to WAKomEncoded 
which obviously "solved" the problem.

However this morning (after reading the class comments) I'm a bit 
confused about the whole issue and I have two questions:

1) What's the differnece between WAKom, WAKomEncoded and WAKomEncoded39? 
I read the class comments but do not really understand the issue. In 
addition they are dealing with 3.8 vs. 3.9 and I'm on 3.10... If 
somebody advises me to deploy on 3.9 I'll do - I just need a working 

2) I assume that the browser side always uses UTF-8. But in which format 
does the image "see" the input?



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