[Seaside] JQuery updating DOM elements

Lukas Renggli renggli at gmail.com
Thu Feb 12 08:16:41 UTC 2009

>> I removed all the noise around it, and it works for me:
>>        html span id: 'potsize'.
>>        html textInput
>>                onChange: ((html jQuery: #potsize) load
>>                        html: [:h | h render: 999 ])
> Hi, is there a simple way to do the same trick with old 2.8 and
> scriptaculous & prototype?

Sure (untested and directly written in the web browser, as usual):

html span id: 'potsize'.
html textInput
     onChange: (html updater
         id: 'potsize';
         callback: [ :h | h render: 999 ])

See SUFormTest has functional tests for all input elements. Similar
JQFormTest is the equivalent for JQuery. Unfortunately these tests are
a bit obscure, because I did not want to duplicate code across all
different form elements.


Lukas Renggli

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