[Seaside] New smalltalk website and Smalltalk activities in Barcelona

Jordi Delgado jdelgado at lsi.upc.edu
Thu Feb 12 16:06:54 UTC 2009


My name is Jordi Delgado and I am an associate professor at the Software 
Dept. of the Technical University of Catalonia 
I have translated to Catalan prof. Ducasse's book on the Botsinc system 
and I have been giving Botsinc and Smalltalk courses for almost a year now.
The Smalltalk course is now a free elective course in our undergraduate 
Computer Science degree at the Barcelona School of Informatics.
You can find information on our activities in the new smalltalk site:


though the *entire site* is in catalan, not english. 
However, it is pretty easy to deduce what we are talking about. The main 
purpose of the smalltalk.cat site is to keep in touch with the local
(small) smalltalk community.
The site is quite simple, but good enough for the purpose it was designed 
for. It is powered by Pier 1.0 and Squeak.

We have a quarterly course on Smalltalk based on SBE (http://smalltalk.cat/poos) 
at the Barcelona School of Informatics (http://www.fib.upc.edu), and also, for 
free, at a living lab called Citilab (http://citilab.eu).
The Citilab course is open to everybody at no cost, only with the pre-requisite 
of some programming experience. And the course is identical to the one given
in the university. Thus, here in Barcelona anyone can learn Smalltalk, it is free.

The slides I use in my lectures are mainly translations of the open-source SBE 
course by Prof. Oscar Nierstrasz. I used Squeak to create them, mainly to impress 
the students (but with a result clearly inferior to what you get with Powerpoint, 
Keynote or Sophie). We also have a weekly seminar on Smalltalk with former students 
of the course (see http://smalltalk.cat/gts).
BTW if any smalltalker comes to Barcelona and wants to get in touch with us, feel
free to contact us.

That's all, just to let you know we exist.



PS: I am sending this to several smalltalk lists. Please, accept my
apologies if you are receiving more than one copy of this message.

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