[Seaside] Cannot install Magma seasideHelper

Henrik Jegbjerg Hansen hjh at freecode.dk
Mon Feb 16 12:25:59 UTC 2009


I have tried and failed to install Magma seasideHelper.  I get the error
"download failed" when trying to install 2.8r40.32.  The problem seems to
be with MonticelloConfigurations 1.0.52.

I've tried in a new, clean developer image from seaside.st, as well as a
freshly installed squeak 3.10 image.

The problem is reproducible by opening package universe brower -> update
from net -> install latest version of Magma seasideHelper.

I am stuck here, and I would really like to try out the seasideHelper for

Can anyone help?

Henrik Jegbjerg Hansen

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