[Seaside] Re: Cannot install Magma seasideHelper

Henrik Jegbjerg Hansen hjh at freecode.dk
Tue Feb 17 19:23:38 UTC 2009

Keith Hodges <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> writes:

>>> Hi Keith,
>>> I had the same problem and now, when try to install Magma SeasideHelper
>>> 2.8.r40.33 get a "no installer handles" error while StreamsReadibility
>>> version
>>> 0.1 is being installed. This is trying to handle a file_download.php file.
>>> Could you help me with this please?
>> Just to confirm -- I get the same error.
> Ok we are making some progress.
> Universes isn't very good at getting files from mantis. It used to work
> for me, but something changed.
> I tested using a 3.10.2 image.
> Installer ss project: 'Installer'; install: 'Installer-Core'.
> Installer ss project: 'universes'; install: 'Universes'.
> Installer universe install: 'Magma seasideHelper'.
> Please note that both Magma and Seaside have had some minor updates that
> I havent caught up with, since this was posted

I can confirm that this installs without errors for me in the 3.9.8
seaside image from http://seaside.st.  Thanks for the effort, Keith!

At one point in the install, I get a warning though -- telling me that
Process is about to be redefined.  I just clicked proceed.  Is there a
problem here, or is this normal behaviour?

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