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Sean Allen itjobsardis at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 20:39:30 UTC 2009

This will be going up on the smalltalk jobs board as well ( in a less casual
fashion ) but, I suspect there are many out there who find it as unusable as
me ( sorry James ), so I'm posting here as well.

We are getting ready to start the first steps of moving a mod_perl/perl
based custom/home grown e-commerce system over to running on GLASS.
You would be devoted at least 95% of the time to said work because the rest
of us would get pulled away from time to time and we want to keep this
moving forward.
We are in love with Seaside and GLASS but need someone with experience to
decrease our learning curve and become a valued member of the team.
This would be an ongoing, full time, telecommuting position.

Skills we would value:

Gemstone ( any level of experience, we have limited, just starting out, call
us apprentices )
Monticello in a multi-user environment
Monticello integration with svn and/or git
Code Critic

You get the idea, I could ramble off things.
Obviously if your name was Lukas or Philippe or something of a similar
nature we would be thrilled,
but we are willing to aim ( and probably have to ) lower.

We have suspicion though, that there is a highly skilled smalltalker out
there who want to be paid to work full time in Seaside and
that we can get you instead of training someone from the inside. ( Horror,
of horrors, we have a budget ).

Please reply off list for more details.
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