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Marcin Tustin mm3 at zepler.net
Tue Feb 17 21:24:44 UTC 2009

I'm not applying, but potential candidates might like to know where this is

On Tue, Feb 17, 2009 at 8:39 PM, Sean Allen <itjobsardis at gmail.com> wrote:

> This will be going up on the smalltalk jobs board as well ( in a less
> casual fashion ) but, I suspect there are many out there who find it as
> unusable as me ( sorry James ), so I'm posting here as well.
> We are getting ready to start the first steps of moving a mod_perl/perl
> based custom/home grown e-commerce system over to running on GLASS.
> You would be devoted at least 95% of the time to said work because the rest
> of us would get pulled away from time to time and we want to keep this
> moving forward.
> We are in love with Seaside and GLASS but need someone with experience to
> decrease our learning curve and become a valued member of the team.
> This would be an ongoing, full time, telecommuting position.
> Skills we would value:
> Seaside
> Gemstone ( any level of experience, we have limited, just starting out,
> call us apprentices )
> Magritte
> Pier
> Monticello in a multi-user environment
> Monticello integration with svn and/or git
> Code Critic
> SUnit
> You get the idea, I could ramble off things.
> Obviously if your name was Lukas or Philippe or something of a similar
> nature we would be thrilled,
> but we are willing to aim ( and probably have to ) lower.
> We have suspicion though, that there is a highly skilled smalltalker out
> there who want to be paid to work full time in Seaside and
> that we can get you instead of training someone from the inside. ( Horror,
> of horrors, we have a budget ).
> Please reply off list for more details.
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