[Seaside] Re: Re: Tons of rest ful url

Hilaire Fernandes hilaire at ofset.org
Wed Feb 18 08:03:55 UTC 2009

I don't see where you build the url, or do I miss something?

Is the following article still correct with today Seaside ?


Le mercredi 18 février 2009 à 08:58 +0100, Lukas Renggli a écrit :
> > The idea is the get url like /nomenclature/discipline-2007.html
> >
> > Is it possible?
> Sure, you just do a two step lookup. First you lookup your catalog
> object using #lookupInCatalog: and then you lookup the attribute using
> another method. Note that aRequest knows the complete request URL, so
> you can for example look at its parameters using
>      aRequest at: 'attribute'
> Lukas
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