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John M McIntosh johnmci at smalltalkconsulting.com
Wed Feb 18 19:32:07 UTC 2009

On 17-Feb-09, at 10:03 PM, sergio_101 wrote:

> after reading about GLORP, it seems like it's alot of work to get up
> and running. if that is all there is, i can deal with that. what
> happens in the case where the database structure changes? when fields
> are added, changed, deleted, etc? it is really no big deal with rails
> and migrations, but how much work is this with glorp?

You looked at www.glorp.org  ?  or just ask Alan Knight directly.

> team working - one of the designers on our team also does some of the
> programming work (displaying data, etc). how tough is it to keep a
> team like this together with monticello? i would like to be able just
> automagically suck in all changes in programming and design whenever
> they happen, without having to think too much about it..

With any smallktalk librarian type of function you have to think a bit  
prevent someone checking in a change that trashs everyone's image and
messes up their work day morning.

I can say with Sophie we worked across 8 or so time zones with a bunch
of experience developers and didn't have any problems once we decided
the protocols involved in promoting work items we individually we were
responsible for into the common MC repository.

We even did branches for fundamental  month long programming changes and
remerging at the end.

Failure to run the Project's SUnits before promoting broken changes  
was the biggest issue.
Hint if the tests don't run you *can't* press that save button....

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