[Seaside] Re: Seaside Async and form submission

Bany, Michel mbany at cincom.com
Thu Feb 19 18:23:26 UTC 2009

> The old version of Seaside and Async I am using does not have 
> WAAsyncComponent.

OK, but I think my fix may work because class WAHtmlAttribute has been
pretty stable if I recall correctly.

> This is fix for Seaside?

Yes, the fix is for a Seaside class.

> > With the fix, your tiny class works fine in FF, but not in 
> Safari. I  
> > didn't try in IE.
> Ah, well it would need to work for all three.  Maybe there is 
> still a  
> way.

I tried to figure out why it didn't work for Safari and I succeeded in
crashing Safari many times when I added breakpoints in the javascript.

> The class doesn't do exactly what I want because of the form. 
>  I also  
> noticed it was replacing the form and changed it so that it would  
> not.  I mentioned this in a followup post.
> However this raises the question of whether there is anything  
> technically wrong with a live component replacing the part of 
> the DOM  
> tree it lives in, or even the whole page.  Is this going to cause  
> weird problems?  This is important to me because Run BASIC is a  
> completely open ended programming system.  It helps me if 
> Seaside and  
> Async are robust enough to handle this, but I can add Ajax training  
> wheels if needed.

Beside suggesting you go for Scriptaculous, I cannot help here, sorry.
(I tried a Scriptaculous version of your tiny class and it worked fine
in Safari).

> Also, it has taken me some time to really understand the idiom   
> of Async.  It was easy for me to make wrong assumptions about  
> its intended usage.  I have been unable to find any real Async  
> documentation since most of the attention goes to Scriptaculous.  
> I have been trying to avoid that since it relies on Prototype 
> which I've  
> heard is incompatible with toolkits like Dojo and jQuery.

Here is some sort of description of the idiom by Async's author

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