[Seaside] Create an SUUpdater without using the WARenderCanvas

Lautaro Fernández evaklo at gmail.com
Wed Feb 25 18:08:07 UTC 2009

Here is an example of what we want to do:

  when: *ExampleAnnouncement*
  [:anAnnouncement :anAnnouncer  |
    aCometPage push: (
      (html updater)
        id: aDOM_ID_OfTheAlreadyRenderedPage;
                [:renderer | do some stuff with the renderer];
        yourself )

The time line will be as follow:
1.- first we delivered a web page into the browser
2.- at some point, the model change and triggers an announce: *
*3.- the already rendered page( 1.- ) get notified
4.- the already rendered page push an AJAX JS into the browser using the
block we had put some lines above

We can do this keeping the 'html' when the page is rendered, and with that
'html' we create a SUUpdater and then we push it into the browser. But we
think that's a wrong approach to solve this issue.

So, if you thinks there is another better way, would be nice to hear of it.

Luke LAut SkyFernadezWalker
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