[Seaside] Re: Using WAFileLibrary for external resources?

Udo Schneider Udo.Schneider at homeaddress.de
Thu Jan 8 21:33:06 UTC 2009

Boris Popov schrieb:
> Seaside elements that support #url: also support #resourceUrl: and you
> can adjust the base resourse url in preferences of your application
> using,
> myApp preferenceAt: #resourceBaseUrl put: 'http://mycdn.com/files/'
Doesn't this not only change the base url of the application and all 
it's resources?

I was thinking of hosting the app on something like
http://myapp.mydomain.de/ using your approach above. But most of the 
stuff encoded in WAFileLibraries (including such small things like SU) 
should be hosted on S3:

Or did I get you totally wrong?



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