[Seaside] Re: Subclass WAApplication?

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Thu Jan 29 16:22:28 UTC 2009


>I have some methods and data that are common across Seaside session...

I'm sorry.  My first sentence may be a little unclear.  The methods and
data that I am talking about are the same across all sessions.  Therefor,
these methods and data don't need to be repeated in each session.  A single
copy living in a subclass WAApplication will be fine.  Hence the rest of my

>For now I have a subclass of WASession and put the methods and data in there.
>Should I subclass WAApplication and put the methods and data there?  And if
>I should subclass WAApplication, how do I get my subclass to be used
>instead of WAApplication?  Thanks in advance for all opinions.

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