[Seaside] Monitoring how many users are logged in to a Seasideapplication...?

Rick Flower rickf at ca-flower.com
Thu Jan 29 21:50:24 UTC 2009

Thanks for the clarification guys.. I guess I chose a poor set of
words.. Ideally, I guess it would be nice to know the current
overall session count (across all Squeak/VW instances) and that sort
of thing.. Ultimately, this sounds like something perhaps only
Apache might have some visibility into since it works as the virtual
traffic cop of sorts.. I guess you could write a script to ping each
Squeak/VW instance and ask it how many sessions its chewing on..?

Hmm.. Obviously something I'll have to think about further.. (8->

-- Rick

On Thu, January 29, 2009 1:19 pm, Boris Popov wrote:
> He probably just wants to count all sessions that hadn't expired either
> by virtue of enough time passing or someone hitting the logout button.
> -Boris
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>>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Flower <rickf at ca-flower.com> writes:
> Rick> I was just thinking that it would be nice to know how many (and if
> Rick> any) people are connected to a particular Seaside web-app from an
> Rick> admin point of view..
> People aren't "connected".  They make correlated hits.
> There is no interaction between hits.  And you cannot possibly know if
> I'm still looking at the same page, about to make another hit, or not.
> So, what do *you* mean by "logged in"?
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