[Seaside] Blackfoot + Cherokee + Seaside = better performance

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Wed Jul 1 08:56:33 UTC 2009


Just wanted to share a bit of info about Blackfoot (SimpleCGI for 
Squeak/Seaside, available on SM).

I started hacking again a few days back to get file upload (multipart 
forms) working for Seaside (not yet fixed, but I am almost there).

Then I benched it a bit. I used latest Cherokee (very fast webserver) 
and the Pharo Seaside image + Blackfoot. One thing is VERY clear:

Blackfoot behaves MUCH better under pressure. When I stomped on it with 
ab then KomHttpServer started failing connections and also giving VERY 
slow responses to some clients (24 sec).

Blackfoot never failed and worst case answer was around 1 sec.

Anyway, I can do more detailed benchmarks later on but first I should 
get multipart forms working. Also, please reply for other "details" you 
think I need to test.

regards, Göran

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