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And to add to Randall's reply, you usually (well, if not 99.999999999999% of the time!) put the accessors at the same level as where the instance variable was declared...  Can't remember seeing an example when the inst var was declared in a class and the accessors declared in the subclass !

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 Here's a completely noob Smalltalk question:

Let's say you have a superclass ie.:

WAComponent subclass: #aSuperClass
    instanceVariableNames: 'iVar'.

and a subclass of it:

aSuperClass subclass: #aSubClass
    instanceVariableNames: ''.

Basic super/subclass situation with one iVar... so my question is, when you instantiate an instance of the subclass, it also has iVar (not static), right? Or am I totally confused? Also, if I wanted to create accessors for it, would I put those on the parent or child class?


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