[Seaside] How to start an image with PORT parameter

Germán Arduino garduino at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 18:15:54 UTC 2009


As far as I saw on some doc it's possible to start a seaside image in
the way: "squeakvm seaside.image PORT nnnn". Then, as WAKom check this
parameter on its #startUp method, is posible to have it running on the
passed port.

But I can't make it work on the versions I tried (Seaside 2.8.1/2/4)
with Squeak 3.10.2.

The behaviour is that if I use -headless the image start, but not on
the passed port. And if I start the image without -headless I get the
Error: No content to install on CodeLoader (Seems that it hope that
PORT be a script with Smalltalk code to load more than a parameter).

Any tip or suggestion will be appreciated.


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