[Seaside] Little question about deploying, dns, etc...

Mariano Martinez Peck marianopeck at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 01:39:48 UTC 2009

Hi: I am trying to reproduce in my Linux box what I will have in the server.
I am doing step by step. No webserver right now (for this problem). I have
dynamic IP from my ISP so I have running a dyndns in this pc which is
crapodino.homelinux.com. I have registered and working this domain:

I use EditZone so that it redirects from www.destinomochila.com.ar to
crapodino.homelinux.com:8888/seaside/destinoMochila. When I configure this
in EditZone I put "cloacked" to this redirect. This does that when the user
enter to www.destinomochila.com.ar in the browser it still display that URL
despite the fact it was redirected to
crapodino.homelinux.com:8888/seaside/destinoMochila. If I don't put this
cloacked option the browser then displays that URL and I don't want that.

The redirect is working perfect. I and others can access without any problem

1) http://www.destinomochila.com.ar/
2) http://crapodino.homelinux.com:8888/seaside/destinoMochila

And I can enter to

3) http://localhost:8888/seaside/destinoMochila

With 2) and 3) If I go to a link from the menu, the browser correctly shows:


The problem is with 1)  If I go to the same link of the menu, the URL is
still http://www.destinomochila.com.ar/
It does never change :(

However, if I explicity put this URL
http://www.destinomochila.com.ar/LugaresDestino in the browser, if found
perfectly the page

Does anyone know what I am doing wong ?

Perhaps I must put something in http://localhost:8888/seaside/config   to my
destinoMochila app in the "server" section. Right now that it is as default.

Thanks a lot for the help,

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