[Seaside] calls within Children components

Kevin Lacobie kevin at agoric.com
Wed Jul 29 15:45:37 UTC 2009

I'm having a problem with call: not working for an anchor within a  
child component.  The same call: does work for the parent component,  
so it is leaving me puzzled; perhaps I'm not doing something right  
with children?

Here's the callback in question, inside renderContentOn: of the child  

        html anchor callback: [self editArgument: myArgument];  with:  
myArgument title.

and, the editArgument method:

editArgument: anArgument

	self editor doc: anIBISDoc.
	self call: self editor

	^myEditor ifNil: [myEditor := IBISDocumentEditor new]

myEditor is added to the children OrderedCollection upon initialization.

IBISDocumentEditor is a WAComponent.   When the anchor above is  
clicked, I've confirmed that editor doc: is invoked, but it never  
makes it to self call:   .  More precisely, IBISDocumentEditor's  
renderContentOn: is never called.  The same pattern of code works just  
fine when used in the parent component, so I'm puzzled.  Ideas?


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