[Seaside] Import and export to a spreadsheet

stephan at stack.nl stephan at stack.nl
Thu Jul 30 09:48:00 UTC 2009

Philippe wrote:
> The biggest issue I have with CSV is that it's totally locale
> dependent. This includes everything even the separator. Some locales
> actually use comma others use semi colon. It's underspecified any
> everybody uses his own collection of hacks to somehow hint Excel to do
> what he wants. I have made better experience with the native BIFF
> format.

I've looked for OLE2 and BIFF code, but it doesn't seem to be available
for all platforms. The problem I have with using native formats is that
they are much larger, tend to change, and are also somewhat underspecified.
I think I can describe how to do TSV on one page, though.


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