[Seaside] How to put an app into deployment mode

Cornelius Brümmer dave at corcor.de
Thu Jun 4 09:59:03 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I'm totally on Pharo and Seaside 2.9 and it works like a charm for my
needs. I built a little management application that works behind a
cherokee webserver.

But now I wanted to get rid of the deployment mode and I can't find a
way to do it.

In my root-WAComponent I do:
  WAAdmin register: self asApplicationAt: self entryPointName.
to register the app. But the trick on
to reimplement #isDeploy on the class-side of the root-component doesn't
work - even for removing it from the dispatcher it doesn't work.

In addition to that I didn't manage to work out how list all
configuration attributes for example on a Transcript. What should I do
to set configuration options like

- 'Resource Base URL' to: '/admin/news'
- 'Server hostname' to: 'localhost:8080'
- 'Server Path': 8080
- etc.

during application initialization?

I don't want to excuse my possible naive questions/problems, but I'm new
to the list, seaside, squeak and pharo at all and really can't figure it
out on my own.


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