[Seaside] Cryptography-cmm.8 on Seaside 2.8.4 windows

Rogério Borba rogerio.borba at yahoo.com.br
Wed Jun 17 16:43:48 UTC 2009

I am using seaside 2.8.4 one-click image based on Pharo.
I need this package for PostgreSQL.  
Ok, I will try to load Cryptography 0.3 version. 
1) Seaside 2.8.4 is based on Pharo, not Squeak. Pharo is a fork or squeak.
You can read more of pharo in the website:
This question, and all the Pharo related, would be best to be asked in pharo
mailing list. I mean, you will get more answers there than here.

2) As Pharo is not Squeak, there are packages that works on Squeak but
doesn't in Pharo. Cryptography is an example. I tried to load Cryptography
and get a DNU InputEventSensor>>mousePoint. Was this your problem ? I tried
it in Linux and Windows, same result.

3) I don't know why you need this packages but for PostgreSQL driver I use
the Cryptography 0.3 version from Universe and at least work ok for me. To
do this. evaluate this:

|instClass |
Preferences disable: #showDeprecationWarnings.
instClass := Smalltalk at: #Installer ifAbsent: [ScriptLoader
loadLatestPackage: 'Installer-Core' fromSqueaksource: 'Installer'. Smalltalk
at: #Installer].

ScriptLoader new universalInstaller universe
    addPackage: 'Cryptography';



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