[Seaside] [2.8][Async]Session time hangs

Carl Gundel carlg at libertybasic.com
Sat Jun 20 21:05:29 UTC 2009

Am I just out of luck?  Is anybody else here using Async (besides Avi)?  Do 
you have to do anything special with Scriptaculous, or does it just work?

I guess I can try to hack what's there to make it work for me.


> When my Seaside Async application session times out the liveCallbacks 
> don't produce any sort of error or redirect.  The tests do the same 
> thing.  Is there any way to specify an expiration response of some kind?
> -Carl Gundel
> http://www.runbasic.com
> http://www.libertybasic.com

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