[Seaside] Load balancing with one session per image

Bob Nemec bobn at rogers.com
Mon Jun 22 15:49:10 UTC 2009

How can we load balance across a number of VW Seaside images where we limit
each image to one Seaside session?  So, once a Seaside session is affiliated
with a VW image, no other Seaside session can be serviced by that image. 
The image is only available when the session expires or the user logs out.

For now we're using Apache and we're investigating Cherokee and Nginx. 

Here's some background: we've added a Seaside interface to a current VW
application.  The Seaside interface is designed as just another UI layer to
the domain.  There is enough meta data in the framework to drive a fairly
thin Seaside layer which duplicates virtually all of the full (fat) client
behaviour.  But, because of framework restrictions, we'll only support one
Seaside session per image.  Since we're only looking at supporting around 50
concurrent sessions, we don't feel the need to re-engineer the application
framework code to support multiple session.

The Seaside components are built widget by widget from the VW windows spec,
with callback behaviours triggering matching VW widget behaviours.  We trap
prompts and window open events by using Process>>#environmentAt: to pass our
Seaside session between the components and the domain.

So far, all of this is working fine.  It is actually quite cool to show the
full client side by side with a domain browser. 

Thanks for any help,

Bob Nemec
Cherniak Software
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