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AxiNat tibabenfortlapalanca at gmail.com
Thu Jun 25 14:46:49 UTC 2009

Hi seasiders,

As a part of my final degree project, which I have already finished, I've
recorded a screencast introducing how to build a website with static
contents, users and a simple image-based database in 34 minutes. Please bear
in mind this is my very first screencast, I made it in the hope that it'd be
useful for beginners and maybe some things are not done in the most
effective way, for example I don't use Magritte to build forms, which I
think would be a bit too much for someone who has just read a couple of
tutorials and wants to build his first website as fast as possible while
understanding what he's doing.

It can be found in http://www.vimeo.com/5130619

Another part of my project consisted in writing a manual -called «*A
Smalltalk by the Seaside*»- on how to build common websites in Seaside,
which also includes a short introduction to Magritte and a chapter on how to
build a blog (based in the screencast by Ramon Leon on the same topic), but
before publishing it I have to ask my university about licensing and
stuff... I hope I'll be able to distribute it very soon :)

Any opinion is welcome! Thanks to everybody in this list as well as the
people in #seaside and #squeak for helping me out with some problems I
stumbled upon!

Bernat Romagosa Carrasquer.

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