[Seaside] [newbie!] syntax errors in framework code while debugging/stepping into (kinda urgent)

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Sun Jun 28 22:54:49 UTC 2009

I couldn\'t find an answer via a google search so I hope
I\'m not the 100th person to ask this.
For a presentation in my studies I\'m having a look at
continuations (in this case using call and answer) in
seaside and naturally to see how things work I thought I\'d
use \"self halt\" right before the call of another component
(via confirm: ) to use the debugger step through the
programm or rather I mostly used step into as I didn\'t want
to miss anything.
The first time I did this, I think I could go up to the
command \"jump\" after a redirectContinuation was created,
the new page appeared and squeak was stuck, why is that? I
somehow think it\'s normal...XD, but a little explanation
maybe for such a complete newbie like me would be nice
However my real problem now is that I get syntax errors
after not even changing that code other than having buttons
instead of links. I can get up to the answerContinuation
creation, but when it comes to \"initializeFromContext\",
there\'s a syntax error.
Here\'s a screenshot (you can also see the seaside version
Of course I didn\'t change any framework code, so I have no
idea why an argument should be missing suddenly...
But perhaps I\'m just silly, sorry, am really new to this
and hope to get an answer before Tuesday. (then\'s my
presentation, I know it\'s close, but I didn\'t have this
error before...)
(As a little more unimportant question while I\'m at
it...why are RenderContinuations etc not real continuations
anymore? what are they then?)
thanks a lot in advance!!!

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