[Seaside] refresh with #updateRoot:

christian ponti pontichristian at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 15:42:05 UTC 2009

hi list,
I have an application where a user has a default page with some management
For instance the user can log in and choose from different stylesheets and
when he logs out the change is applied on the fly on the default page. This
is done overriding #updateRoot and answering the data I need when the user
logs out

updateRoot: aRoot

    super updateRoot: aRoot.
    aRoot addStyle: self style

At this point I need the user to be able to change other parts, like the
links he wants to show on the page,  but in #updateRoot: there is no access
to the canvas.

It is possible to do a partial or full refresh from #updateRoot ? Better, it
is the right place to do it or there is another solution?


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