[Seaside] [CONFUSED]: WAKom, WAKomEncoded or WAKomEncoded 3.9 - utf8 internal encoding?

Michal michal-list at auf.net
Fri Mar 6 13:54:03 UTC 2009

>> What happens if squeak is made to use UTF-8 internally?
> String and Character loose all semantics.

That's disappointing! But thanks Philippe for the quick and helpful

>> I'm starting a clean slate seaside server, so I'd like to pick the
>> optimal configuration...
> What do you want to optimize for?

I was hoping for a clean utf-8 image, and hence to be able to get rid
of "historical cruft" (anything related to macroman and iso-8859-1)
and at the same time gain some speed (no conversion needed on input /
output while preserving #findString: , #copyFrom:to: and friends).


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