[Seaside] WASelectTag - html select question

Louis LaBrunda Lou at Keystone-Software.com
Mon Mar 23 14:53:46 UTC 2009


I'm new to both Seaside and html so this may be a dumb question but here
goes.  It seems that when one wants an html "select" (that will return the
selected item) and the list is a collection of Associations, the "value"
part of the "option" is generated by Seaside and the displayed list item is
the #value of the Association.  It would be nice if the "value" part of the
"option" was the #key of the Association.

I need to use some javascript to do something based upon the item selected.
It would be better if it could test the "value" part of the "option" which
it could do if the "value" was the #key.  But if Seaside generates the
"value", this isn't possible.  Instead I must use the index of the selected
item, which will work but must be maintained if the list changes.  There
may also be a way to test the displayed part of the selected item (I
haven't found how yet) but this also has a maintenance problem if the list

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