Re: [Seaside] Why isn’t my serverside callback occurring when I use ‘jQuery ajax’ in 2.9?

Lukas Renggli renggli at
Tue Mar 24 23:39:34 UTC 2009

> I'm trying to do something like this in seaside 2.9
> html button
>  onClick: (html jQuery ajax
>  serialize: (html jQuery this);
>  script: [:s | s << (s jQuery id: stratId) append: [html text:
> 'bing'. html break]]);
>  callback: [2 inspect];
> with: 'add option'.
> and as I expect my div with stratId is getting appended but I'm not
> getting an inspect window in my squeak image? What's the right way to
> do this?

The answer is in the second part of the method comment of #serializeThis:

"Serialize the receiving element. Note that this might not work for
all form elements: (1) for check-boxes and multi-select lists Seaside
internally depends on an additional hidden form element that is
generated automatically, instead use #serializeThisWithHidden (2)
submit-button callbacks are ignored, instead use a normal callback to
trigger specific code evaluation."

Instead put your callback code into the jQuery callback itself (the
#script: block).


Lukas Renggli

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