[Seaside] Sql Admin & Email apps?

Kevin Ar18 kevinar18 at hotmail.com
Wed Mar 25 17:03:59 UTC 2009

Basically, I am wondering whether someone has made the following in Smalltalk/AIDA/Seaside:
* An SQL/db administration app ... similar to phpmyadmin... or even better, similar to DabbleDB (http://dabbledb.com/demo/)
* An email app
* all open source


Now for the long details:

I would like to have some kind of app that allows me to manage a list of contacts in a database like fashion (where I can add new table columns and add new data to people).  Yet, at the same time, I would like to program in more features over time.  For example, I would like to integrate the database with a web based email system.  Instead of having one inbox, I'd have one inbox per contact in my database.  I can then add more features over time, like a notification if someone never responds to an email, and so on....
In fact, I eventually would like to extend the database aspect to have some visual views of the data and who knows what else.
So, I figured I could use a web framework.  Then take a pre-built sql admin app and a pre-built email system and combine the two with minimal effort.  In fact, if I was using PHP, that is exactly what I'd do; I would find the two apps and combine them, since it would save me so much time.
Are there any "PostgreSQL admin" apps or "email apps" already made using Smalltalk or would I have to build a sql admin and a browser based email all from "scratch"?
Has anyone done any work on an open source app similar to DabbleDB?
Or... perhaps, there is some other way that I can build what I need?  like a CMS?
Would it help if I explained the concept in more detail or if I asked this in a different mailing list?

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