[Seaside] [Ann] ??????

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 29 20:29:19 UTC 2009

The framework I used before Seaside, a long long time ago, was Zope.
Zope suffered from being python and from horrible code and many other
things, but it was quite functional.

Seaside on the other hand has good clean code, and can do very little
out of the box.

I want to see a one-click image, that has pier for organising content,
and style of my site, seaside, testing tools, logging framework,
everything ready to go.  I want to be able to chose the backend
component (say Magma or MySql, TT), click a button, it creates,
initializes the databases and starts serving!

I have been trying to use seaside and pier together for a long time, and
it has always been difficult to develop with traditional seaside
components within pier as a framework.

Finally, at last Pier can be used as a framework for structuring,
presenting and developing Seaside applications.

The enhancement required goes as follows.

When there is a change in pier context, the frame component is told and
remembers the previous context. This is handy because in my set up
everything is configured by the frame component, including choice of

In my view renderer class, I implement visitComponent: so that it
renders the component together with an answerHandler which handles the
answer by returning to the previous context (as saved above).

So now I can present a link "Forgot Password", which goes to a nice
'pier' page with content around a seaside component
WAForgotPasswordComponent. The user enters their details, clicks on a
link in an emails, edits their password, saves their password and pier
RETURNs them to whatever they were looking at before.

Together with the client framework, for organising front-end and
backend-components we finally have a solution for developing web
applications as you would in, say Zope.

The question now is what to call it... My previous big project for the
telecoms industry was called TelTalk....

How about "Webtalk" ?


p.s. I also thought about "Tourist" - taking in the seaside and the pier.

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