[Seaside] client side validation with jQuery

Steven Noble steven.noble at gmail.com
Mon Mar 30 23:35:36 UTC 2009

I have another (hopefully quick) seaside jQuery question.  I've been
putting together a little ajax app that uses onChange a fair amount
and now I want to throw in some client side validation and I'm a
little stumped.  I realize I also need server side validation but
client side validation is nice for responsiveness.

So I have something like

	... onChange: (html jQuery getJson
		serialize: (html jQuery this parent find: 'input');
		html: [ :h | h text: self jsonOfStrategies ];
		onComplete: 'some javascript to deal with json'

which gives me something like
	 ... onchange="$.getJSON ..."
in the rendered html and I need to have a javascript if statement
wrapped around the quoted text but I'm not sure how to get it there.
Any thoughts?

Thanks again,

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