[Seaside] [Ann] Beach-Pier and BeachLogin-Pier

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Mar 31 06:06:28 UTC 2009

Beach-Pier - "Frame" - One Stop Configuration of Layout and Style

ALL configuration of the pier site, its styles and layout, javascript,
error handlers etc, is provided by the root "Frame" component that you
choose. If you switch root component, you switch style and layout
instantly. You can have different seaside applications showing the same
site with different root "Frame" components.

Pick your css framework, subclass your "Frame" (BEBondiFrame) from
frames providing "Content With Style" or "Blueprint" out of the box.

"Content With Style" is particularly effective, since the layout to give
to the designer is fixed.

Beach-Pier   unbreakable admin
(sounds a bit like the unsinkable titanic)

We initialize two applications per Beach "site".


The admin site, has a fixed themeable (you can change the colors, and
icons) appearance, that the pier-users can't break by editing styles or

When deployed the BEAuthorizationHelper is enabled on the admin site, so
that a user/password and appropriate permissions are enforced.

BeachLogin-Pier - Pier users vs external users
Anticipating that your site will have millions of users, the user login
itself is handled by BeachLogin, and the data is managed externally in
whatever backed that is configured. Beach-MySql is available. I look
forward to having Beach-Magma, and Beach-TokoyoTyrant to play with.

Pier-Users the ones that pier uses internally are used as "roles", and
are initialized as follows.

1) role-user
2) role-admin
3) role-dev

Pier - Seaside integration - call/answer within pier

Embed seaside components, into pier pages, to give them a bit of
surrounding content, e.g. "Forgot Password".

When the user clicks on the link to view the component page, the
component is usable in the middle of the page, AND when the seaside
component "returns", pier goes back to where it was before the user
click on the link.

Embed components in pier wiki markup as simply as 
+login:forgotpassword+  (* not avaialble yet)

Custom mark-up renderings, add your own BEViewRenderer.

and misc....

Schedule periodic services/events.

STMPConfiguration and
EMail Sender with rudimentary data merge

validate the numbers component.

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