[Seaside] Write stack traces to stderr?

David Farber dfarber at numenor.com
Sat May 2 22:51:38 UTC 2009

On May 2, 2009, at 3:41 PM, David Farber wrote:

> After nosing around a bit, it looks like I need to modify  
> WAResponse class>>internalError: to see errors raised during the  
> construction of a response (and write a stack trace out to a log).   
> But it strikes me as odd that Seaside doesn't already have a  
> facility for logging errors.  Am I missing something?!

OK, I was off a bit on that one.  I see now that there is a  
configurable Error Handler that defaults to WAWalkbackErrorHandler.   
As a quick hack, if I redefine WAWalkback>>initializeWithException:  
like below, then I get what I want.

initializeWithException: anException
	| context |
	exception := anException.
	context := anException signalerContext.
	FileStream oldFileNamed: '/dev/stderr' do: [:file |
		file lineEndConvention: #lr.
		file wantsLineEndConversion: true.
		context errorReportOn: file].
	frames := OrderedCollection new.
	[ context isNil ] whileFalse: [
		frames add: context.
		context := context sender ].
	limit := 5 min: frames size

So what I need is a custom ErrorHandler that prints a simple  
acknowledgment message and logs the error.  I think I can handle that.

While I am here, let me switch to a Pier question real quick.  How  
can I generate an error page that uses the header and footer of site?


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