[Seaside] Suffers Seaside from amateurish circle-jerk mentality? @Bernat

Peter Jedermann TheSmalltalkBlog at gmx.ch
Wed May 6 15:57:00 UTC 2009

All wrong Bernat:

1) We are using 2.8, just one behind the current. With too many bug fixes 
in our code to move onto 2.9 easily. Little gain, too.

2) "Improve it."
We have and still do. More here.

3) "instead of writing about why should they be done"
Because ignorant "gods of Seaside" like Bryant, Renggli, Sastre et al are 
unwilling to acknowledge that their undocumented cryptic and poorly 
object-oriented style pissed many people off - me being the only one to 
publish the truth that many others had to  encounter before. 

4) you like the pedantry of my blog?!
You will get much more - just to warn newbies of the darker sides of 
Seaside and mabe wake up those ignorant "gods of Seaside" by the time my 
crititcs hurt too much. Expect more from me....!

There could be more but most is on my blog already.

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> Betreff: Re: [Seaside] Suffers Seaside from amateurish circle-jerk 
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> Why don't you just write all those improvements instead of writing about 
> why should they be done? With all the energy you're spending on your blog 
> you'd probably have forked a new framework derived from Seaside already. 
> Besides, if I remember well, you're that guy using a very (very, VERY) 
> obsolete version of Seaside and complaining about it. The way I see it, 
> you got only a couple of choices:
> a. Upgrade your version, you'd be amazed how big something can grow in 
> like 5 years...
> b. Still don't like the new version? Improve it.
> c. Think your improvements would have to change the way Seaside works way 
> too much? Fork it.
>  d. Too lazy for any of the above? Don't use it.
> BTW I like the pedantry of your blog, beginning with its very name: THE 
> Smalltalk Blog. Good luck with your solo war against «life, the universe 
> and everything». Thank god google invented this smart "Silence it" 
> feature!
> Bernat.
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