[Seaside] Rendering on an external stream

Denis Kudriashov dionisiydk at gmail.com
Thu May 14 09:22:50 UTC 2009


I do something like that:

contents := (WARenderCanvas builder)
        fullDocument: true;
                [:root |
                    root meta
                        contentType: self session contentType
                        charset: self session charSet];
        render: [:html | componentToPrint renderContentOn: html].


2009/5/14 Marco D'Ambros <marco.dambros at lu.unisi.ch>

> Hi,
> I need to write a seaside component which understands #renderContentOn: on
> an external file.
> Let's say that the component is called componentToPrint, what I want to do
> is to redirect the output (what gets written on the html document) of
> html render: componentToPrint
> on an external stream.
> How can I do it?
> cheers
> Marco
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