[Seaside] rails niceties equivalents?

sergio_101 sergiolist at village-buzz.com
Fri May 15 12:31:40 UTC 2009

On May 15, 2009, at 7:51 AM, Dave Bauer wrote:

> Right, noone questions these assumptions. What would be nice to see,  
> is a more understanding attitude from the Seaside list, that the  
> term "Seaside" can mean a web applicaiton build on top of Seaside.  
> Just as J2EE

i think the list got a little bristly when i mentioned rails  
functions.. but bear with me...

it's sort of like learning a new language..

you kind of have to learn what everything is called in the new  

so, basically, i am asking alot of:

"where is the nearest public restroom?"

types of questions..

sergio t. ruiz
network analyst
red red design

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