[Seaside] Options for persistence when using Seaside

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Fri May 15 21:00:04 UTC 2009


There is also at least two more interesting new options not mentioned:

	- CouchDB
	- TokyoTyrant

There is a Curl-plugin based Couch API on SS that I have played with a 
bit. I have also written a so called "view server" in Squeak for CouchDB 
which means you can write map/reduce-functions to execute "in the 
server" in Squeak instead of in javascript. Mostly for fun - not really 
super useful! :)

At my current customer I have written a C# API for CouchDB that we will 
release under some BSD license any day now - I will probably take that 
experience/design and translate it into improvements to the Couch API on 
SS. I am unsure if the Curl plugin is better/faster than a Squeak-only 
HTTP client approach.

CouchDB itself is a refreshing experience, vibrant very helpful 
community, written in Erlang, HTTP API, JSON used as "object format", 
interesting map/reduce-pattern etc etc. Built for "crazy scaling through 
replication". Our first tests at my customer reveals great speed and 
very nice flexibility.

TokyoTyrant is the networking server part used on top of Tokyo Cabinet - 
a very fast key/value-store written in C. I implemented the TokyoTyrant 
binary socket protocol recently and blogged about it:


Awesome speed, very interesting functionality - especially the table db 
part. I am using (or will be using) both of these from Squeak in 
different projects.

regards, Göran

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