[Seaside] rails niceties equivalents?

Eagle Offshore eagleoffshore at mac.com
Mon May 18 05:37:34 UTC 2009

OK, one piece of the puzzle.  The other missing one is "how do I scale  
a Seaside application"?

People claim to have worked it out for themselves, but nobody is  
writing it up as a ready to use recipe.

There's no point in writing an app that can't easily scale to a few  
hundred users.

FWIW, Phillippe, you've just about convinced me to unsubscribe and  
give up on Seaside.  Clearly its never going to fit my "small but  
growing business web site/shop/information system" use case because  
its developers clearly don't want it to.

On May 17, 2009, at 12:15 PM, Philippe Marschall wrote:

> Not anymore, instead of writing an awful lot of mails that don't get
> anything done I sat for an hour and hacked something together:
> http://www.squeaksource.com/SeasideMVC.html
> (requires Seaside 2.9)
> Now prove me wrong:
> Use, test it, document it, develop it, deploy it, extend it, hire
> Lukas or Julian or write your own. Do nothing and you prove me right.

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