[Seaside] rails niceties equivalents?

Göran Krampe goran at krampe.se
Mon May 18 08:36:54 UTC 2009


Julian Fitzell wrote:
> what they wanted a request handler for the former to look like. And I
> think being able to easily develop stateless rails-style apps with
> full REST URLs but using the Canvas API would be a huge win for many
> people.

Both I and Giovanni Corriga started messing with putting the Seaside 
Canvas into HttpView2, using two different approaches - Giovanni made a 
new one and I tried "duck raping" :) the one in Seaside (actually seemed 
quite doable).

One thing that I do think is quite nice in HttpView2 is the idea of 
mapping "directory names" into messages and letting the view objects 
form a parent-child tree on the server. To be concrete:


Will send #account to the top view object, which typically checks 
authentication (so all URLs beginning with "/account" will do that check 
in one place) and then handles dispatch over to an AccountView sending 
#settings to it. The AccountView typically implements #settings by 
handing it over to a SettingsView sending #default to it (kinda like 

Well, just wanted to mention how HV2 works in this respect as some "fuel 
on the fire" - most people probably doesn't know. :)

> How best to support semi-RESTful URLs while still maintaining full
> session state and the ability to write complex control flows is still
> a matter of much debate and a prime area for further research and
> experimentation. But that doesn't mean someone can't move to support
> the two separately in the meantime.


regards, Göran

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