[Seaside] Seaside testing beta for Seaside2.9/Squeak

C. David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Wed May 20 21:47:08 UTC 2009

I have published a version of SeasideTesting for Seaside2.9:

    location: 'http://www.squeaksource.com/SeasideTesting'
    user: ''
    password: ''

Load SeasideTesting-R2.9-cds.1 This is my first look at Seaside2.9 and 
I'm sure some parts of this are less than ideal but I will continue to 
support it so please send me bug reports.  Note: if you run the example 
tests, SCExceptionDuringCallbackTest should produce an error.  This is 
normal/correct behavior.  See:


for tutorial-style documentation.

This is a maintenance release of SeasideTesting.  My next release of 
SeasideTesting will (probably) be under a different name and includes a 
major overhaul adding support for testing "in browser" (like Selenium) 
as well as a refactoring which makes it easier to use SeasideTesting 
without subclassing SCComponentTestCase.  That release is evolving but I 
will place an alpha version of it on the Cincom public Store repo in the 
next couple days.  I don't use Squeak these days so I'm hoping an 
interested young seasider would be willing to port from VW back to Squeak.


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