[Seaside] Acceptance testing

C. David Shaffer cdshaffer at acm.org
Thu May 28 23:08:11 UTC 2009

Miguel Cobá wrote:
> Selenium (user interaction testing)
> http://seleniumhq.org/
> ab (stress testing)
> httpd.apache.org
> Seaside Testing
> but it is old and in the words of David, it is been replaced for a new
> version aimed on Seaside 2.9
I like to think "old" is a good thing.  I'd prefer "solid", "well 
tested", "mature" :-) :-)

Anyway, based on my inbox a lot of people use SeasideTesting....or at 
least try it.

I'd like to add that I've modified SeasideTesting to provide many of the 
features of Selenium's in-browser testing concept.  I haven't released 
it yet because I'm busying using it in a new project.  There are still 
problems but I will put it out there (for VisualWorks only at first) 
very soon now.  If anyone want to have a look at it now, let me know.

That being said, ST's focus is on unit testing but I use it for 
functional/integration testing as well.  The new version supports 
testing a "remote" application (with no direct access to the server).  
What's missing is a high level way to specify functional tests.  I'd 
/really/ like to work with someone on something like that.  The Rails 
community has some cool tools like cucumber which are worth some study.

Also, have a look at Albatross as well...again, more about unit testing 
but you can probably layer something on top of that to get decent 
functional testing.


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