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Norberto Manzanos nmanzanos at gmail.com
Wed Nov 4 13:02:01 UTC 2009

I send again this message I sent previously when I was not registered in the
list, so this answer had never appear in it.

Yes, we have a newer version of SmallFaces, but since it's not still
published in squeaksource, it's a beta version. We upload to squeaksource
each time we arrive to a stable version.  I think it would not very usefull
for you, because we were working mainly in separating SmallFaces from
Seaside, so it can use any other web framework, and I suposse you are using
As for SOPE, it's a kind of son of SmallFaces, devoted to more complex
applications: big editors, transaction control etc.
But it's still very inmature. We didn't test it very much. The idea is that
SOPE has to manage everything concerning an application, it talk directly to
the model. But we haven't finish an application yet. I hope it  will be
published in a couple of monthes.
If you like to tell me wich kind of devlopment are you planning, I could
tell wether new versions of SmallFaces or the first issue of SOPE would
fullfill your needs.

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