[Seaside] Seaside on a stand alone server

Stephan Eggermont stephan at stack.nl
Wed Nov 4 21:23:41 UTC 2009

> From: Tony Giaccone <tgiaccone at gmail.com>
> My concerns with using just Smalltalk for the persistence layer is  
> that
> eventually I want to integrate with something written in Java, or C  
> or just
> provide a data feed through a desktop app. For me that suggests that  
> a RDMS
> solution is more general purpose.

Hmm. You definitely do not want to integrate through a RDBMS. That  
way, you
can no longer trust anything coming from the database to be correct.
And reporting is much easier from smalltalk than through a SQL reporting

> My guess also as I move forward if I can
> ever find someone who is willing to pay me for Smalltalk work, that  
> it would
> be easier to sell a solution with an RDMS data store.

What's the difference for a potential customer between selling Seaside,
Smalltalk and a RDBMS and selling Seaside, Smalltalk and  an OODB?
Gemstone is more mature (and old) than most RDBMS's. Smalltalk work
comes from innovators or from companies with old applications. The web
application world is going through a NoSQL movement now, so that is
perfectly fine for innovators.

> In addition it's
> always possible that I might need to integrate with some kind of  
> legacy data
> available only in an RDMS.

That is a good reason.

Stephan Eggermont

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