[Seaside] Re: WAImageMapTag problem with Scriptaculous?

John Chludzinski john.chludzinski at gmail.com
Wed Nov 11 07:01:58 UTC 2009

This works:

      html map
         onClick: (html scriptaculous evaluator
            callback: [ :x | x asInteger < 200 ifTrue: [ self previousPage ]
ifFalse: [ self nextPage ]]
            value: (JSStream on: 'arguments[0].x');

            callback: [ :script | true ];
            return: false);

        with: [ html image id: #WWW; url: MMAFileLibrary / self
getCurrentPageFile ].

The calls to #previousPage and #nextPage have the script to update the DOM
element with the previous or next slide.

Tried before to use #callback:value: (as a "secondary callback") but didn't
add the additional #callback: (as a "primary callback").  That doesn't work!

Thanks Julian!

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