[Seaside] Instead of "?=_s ... &_k= ..." I have a # in the Url

Paul DeBruicker pdebruic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 16:13:23 UTC 2009


Instead of having the _s and _k parameters appended to the URL I now
have a # only.  The halos and config, tools, browser, and other 
seem to have the correct behavior.   The initial page looks correct.
Once I submit a form on the initial page the strange Url behavior
happens.  I have not attempted to use #updateUrl: anywhere.  It affects
the content and rendering of the page.  It appears that the jQuery that 
renders fine on the initial request does not render at all on the 
subsequent request.  There are no Firebug errors.

I'm sure I've messed something up.  What can I try to discover and 
remedy the cause?

I have updated to the newest pharo from pharo-project.org and the
seaside from builder.seaside.st yesterday afternoon.



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