[Seaside] Re: Pharo conversion question?

Miguel Enrique Cobá Martinez miguel.coba at gmail.com
Wed Nov 25 17:19:35 UTC 2009

El mié, 25-11-2009 a las 11:36 -0500, John Chludzinski escribió:
> > CT is from the comet package.
> > SU is from the seaside Scriptaculous package on the Seaside project.
> >
> > Both of them on squeak source. Install them and try again
> First, THANKS! 
> I did that and have it working working pretty much as before.  It
> would be nice if these packages (Comet+Scriptaculous) weree a standard
> part of the Pharo download? 

The pharo distros (dev, web and ready-made) have a list of packages
included among them, Seaside and some other Seaside related. The list of
packages is documented in the wiki


it is not set in stone and you can propose new packages to be included.
Now for your deployment images you can create your own script to load
only the packages needed. Use the script in the zip image from the web
and dev image and adapt it to your needs.

Also, currently the community is waiting to the 1.0 version from
metacello to be released. This could be the path to release
configurations for packages and to install them on pharo and pharocore
images with just a single line (because each package will have its own
dependencies integrated, a la apt-get, from debian).

Meanwhile, you can use Damien scripts or try the Metacello from Dale


> I'm just trying to determine the best platform (i.e., Pharo, Squeak +
> latest Seaside, Croquet + Seaside 2.9 à la Nikolay Suslov, etc.).  I
> actually went with Croquet to get their Jabber implementation.  It
> appears to be much more mature than what's available through SqueakMap
> or anything else online?
> ---John
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