[Seaside] Some Seaside 3.0 questions?

Conrad Taylor conradwt at gmail.com
Sat Nov 28 19:18:48 UTC 2009

Hi, I have the following questions regarding Seaside 3.0 API:

1)  Why doesn't Seaside have an explicit head tag factory selectors?  For
example, I was expecting to see
     something like this:


     Note:  This would be considered global within the entire Seaside
application.  Also, I would be able to set both my CSS and
               Javascript here.

2)  How does one set standard and event attributes on body tag?  For
example, I would like to be able to set the following
     standard attributes:

     class, dir, id, lang, style, title, and xml:lang

     event attributes:

     onlick, ondbclick, and so on

3)  How does one set the appropriate attributes html tag?  For example,
xmlns, dir, lang, and xml:lang.

4)  When one is setting these attributes in (1), (2), and (3) will they be
global to the component in question or will they be
     global to all components?

Thanks in advance,

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