[Seaside] iSea Problems (Seaside-App for iPhone)

Dietmar Schielke Dietmar.Schielke at data-experts.de
Thu Oct 1 10:46:34 UTC 2009


I want to make a seaside application for the iPhone and tried iSea (
When I use the Browser demo application the Environment page is displayed 
correct but if i click on a category only the toolbar changes. The content 
of the list are still the cetegories.
I debugged a lot but can't figure out what is going wrong.

I'm unsing seaside one-click exxperience 2.8.4 under windows and Firefox 
(have not tried to access seaside with the iPhne jet).

Any hints would be great!

Any body developing iPhone web-apps with seaside?

Thanks in advance!

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